Monday, 21 May 2012

Danger of Beauty Products..

Okay, it have been long times I didn't write about anything, as I am a bit busy these days. So, now I'm back. Deliver something to all of you which might be important to all of us. For this time, I wrote in English. Okay, enough with mumbling around. Just read.

Have you ever seen women in late 50’s or 60’s which deserve to be called as auntie by my mother, cake on make up just like they are still in early 20’s? And the way we look at such panorama differ from one another. For some of us who been infected with the ‘ideology of beauty products’ things will most likely say something like this, “that is normal, everyone deserve to be beautiful”.

However, for those have a clean mind, and live with some knowledge in their head would likely say something like this, “she is trying to make a real soundless suicide”.

Everyone, I deliver something that we faced every single day, the dangers of beauty products. Generally, beauty products cover a wide area of skin care, self care products and so on. It includes the very basic things such as talcum powder, whitening cream, lipsticks, shower soap, shampoo and etc. Beauty products are around us, almost everywhere, in your bedroom, bathroom, or even in your bag. And this topic is not focusing on girls, but for guys too unless you guys never use a soap when you take a bath.
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There are 3 main points I want to talk about the dangers of beauty products. First, it exposed dangers to our health. There are a lot of beauty products that contributes to cancer diseases. For an example, whitening creams. It simply told you that the cream can give you 50 times more Vitamin C in order to make your skin becomes fair and white. Yes, it does make your skin fair, but does it make you even prettier? Maybe it makes you prettier, and maybe not. The only sure thing that they deliver without you ever realize is, that 50 times more vitamin C actually slowed down your pigmentation. And as your pigmentation slowed down to a low level, your skin lost its shield. Your skin is exposed to the sunlight and you are in a high risk of getting skin cancer. Why in the world our Creator never gives us such a lot of vitamins? That is because He knew that it is not suitable for human anatomy. Don’t simply believe to commercial on your TV screen because business never tells you the truth.

Second thing is the danger to our loved environment. I’m pretty sure most of you have basic in chemistry. Most of the beauty products use chemical instead of natural things. For an instance, there are a lot of beauty products that contains MEA or DEA or TEA. These things are ammonia compounds. Basically, it is used as foaming agents, or used to adjust the level of PH of certain cosmetic products. The effects are, as you wash it, it goes together with the water and it go directly to our environment. Same goes to other chemicals like Parabens. Almost every conditioner shampoo has it. It is ubiquitous in skin care. It is used to extend the product shelf life. It is dangerous as this thing disrupting our hormones. Moreover, it is dangerous to other human being as it can make your skin dried, or allergic reactions after exposed for too long. I did ask an officer who sail on chemical tankers. The people on ships who carried this kind of chemicals onboard, having their body fully covered, having some mask on when they have to work on with this kind of chemicals. And can you imagine, we are not covered, and we even put it directly to our body.

Last point is the danger of the beauty products to our social and economy. I did read an article discussing about this. Some people judge others through which cosmetics product that they used. That is one thing. the other thing that might concern you is what would you say when you look to an old lady dying her hair with some futuristic color? Does it show a good example to the people? Of course it doesn’t. The beauty products are killing the natural beauty of a human. It is not pretty to put your hair in green color because there is no single human been born in green color hair. It makes our social life becomes more complicated. The disciplines of students become hard to be straightened up because they want to be like what they see in the beauty products’ commercials. It is self explains.

As a conclusion, be who we are, because all of us are beautiful. The natures know what is good for us, so after this, start watching ‘Backyard Meds’ as they will show you how to produce chemical-free cosmetics. And be careful in what you use to make you prettier. Look beautiful and be safe.

P/S: Most beautiful girl that I have ever met, Cik Ikin.


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nice, good info bro

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Thanks. Not so much info though. Heheh. Err, Cik Ikin is...................

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kecantikan yang asli bukan dari produk yang kita pakai :D

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business never tell u the truth. k fine. haha btw, nice entry, seems like i am reading for an english essay. well since u wrote this in english, then i'll drop a comment in english. kbai. apa bahasa tunggang langgang nih> haisyy

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